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VTEK ASSOCIATES Trainer Product Line

V-TEK Associates
Trainer Product Line Features

MVAT- Machine Vibration Analysis Trainer Precision tool designed to teach vibration analysis under controlled conditions. Study signatures of multiple forms of machine faults at variable speeds, including imbalance, misalignment, looseness, etc., using various sensors, diagnostic test equipment and methods.
  • 1/4 HP PWM Variable Speed DC Drive w/max speed of 3.450 RPM
  • Two movable 1" wide split bearing blocks with 3 axis, 1/4-18, sensor-mounting holes
  • Adjustable motor and rotor bases using 12 jackscrews for easy alignment
  • Operations manual with simulation and diagnostic guides
  • Precision shims
  • Clear Polycarbonate Safety Cover

ReadWriteExecuteUserGroupOtherFile VersionsWarning: Restoring an older version will overwrite the current file without backing it up. New ArchiveArchive Name Back to Control PanelMSAT- Machine Shaft Alignment Trainer Two adjustable modules with precision stainless steel shims, jack blocks and jack screws insure repeatable adjustments in both the vertical and horizontal axes. Replaceable !-1/4? diameter solid stainless steel shafts teach effects of run-out or bent shaft on alignment. Adjustable friction of shaft rotation allows user to simulate any condition from axial float to locked shaft.

  • Two adjustable modules with machined vertical & horizontal jack blocks.
  • Precision shims, Operations manual with shaft alignment guidelines
  • Replaceable 1-1/4" Stainless Steel Shafts w/adjustable rotational friction/axial float

MPAT - Machine Pulley Alignment Trainer Study various belt coupling, tension and alignment methods. Can also be used to evaluate accuracy, ease of use and repeatability of instruments and methods used to perform alignments.
  • One fixed, one adjustable shaft enabling parallel and angular adjustments
  • Adjustable friction of sheave rotation
  • Approximate size and weight 23.0" L x 4.5" W x 9.0" H 13 Lbs

MBAT- Machine Bearing Analysis Trainer Two rotors, four bearings, one sleeve bearing, three ball bearings;. two with defects and variable speed motor enable a wide variety of load settings and speeds. Can also be used for balancing studies and to evaluate the accuracy, ease of use, repeatability of instruments and methods used to detect bearing faults.

  • 1/7 HP PWM Variable Speed DC Drive, belt coupling w/max speed of 4,500 RPM
  • Four 1/2" thick split bearing housing with 3 axis 1/4-28 tapped holes
  • Two balanced rotors with equally spaced, 1/4-20, trim weight, mounting holes
  • Four bearings: One Sleeve Bearing, Three Ball Bearings
  • Ball Bearings include: 1-Good reference bearing, 1-Outer race defect, 1-Ball defect
  • Operations manual with diagnostic guides
  • Clear Polycarbonate Safety Cover

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