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UltraPro features a unique Automatic Gain Control which automatically filters the signal to provide the best signal-to-noise ratio, suppressing background noise and pinpointing leaks. The AG circuit simplifies operation, removing complicated adjustment knobs and filter switches. UltraPro offers superior electronics with rugged industrial packaging in a simple-to-use ultrasonic meter.

  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Simple Operation
  • 10 Element LED Bargraph Display
  • Industrial Rubber Holster
  • Air and Contact Probes
  • Audio Out with volume Control

Industrial Flexible Fiberscope
Monarch Instrument Fiberscopes provide superior image quality and flexibility to allow for quick inspection of enclosed areas. Save time and money preventing unnecessary disassembly of complex machines. Available in two models: FSI with internal LED light and FSX with external light, each with a variety of lengths and diameters. Features include an integrated focus ring for continuous adjustment, high impact ABS construction for water and chemical resistance, high density plastic fiber-optic bundle for superior image quality. Compare Image Quality
Monarch Instrument Fiberscopes provide superior image quality with our high density fiber-optic bundles and optimized light. Compare the actual images for yourself. The FSX models support an external Xenon flashlight like the Scorpion 8500.
Download file to get more information about Monarch UltraPro AG500.

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