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Dedicated horizontal and vertical shaft alignment system built on the FixturLaser platform, featuring an easy to use touch-screen graphical user interface. Fully upgradeable to the additional functions and features of the FixturLaser Shaft 200 or Fixturlaser Roll200.

The Fixturlaser Shaft 100 is an advanced alignment system providing functions for measuring, aligning and documentation. The Fixturlaser Shaft 100 is an easy -to-use tool for the entire shaft alignment process including pre-alignment functions as well as memory and data transfer of results for full trace-ability. All of the alignment data is on the screen at one time-angle, offset, foot values and detector values. The large 20mm x 20mm detectors are fully linearized to better than 1 micron accuracy - the result is quick and easy alignment for coupled, uncoupled or limited rotation applications. Dual-laser beam technology eliminates back-lash effects and aids in rough alignment, long spans and uncoupled applications.

Touch-screen technology ensures ease-of-use
Real-time, all-live readings provide constant machine position data
Upgrade path to additional functions and features
Printer and PC download software included

Application Programs include:
Horizontal shaft alignment
Vertical Shaft alignment
Raw detector and inclinometer values

Program functions include:
Non-volatile memory
Thermal growth compensation
Softcheck for evaluating softfoot
180 degree or 60 degree limited rotation measuring
Alternate moves for base bound bolt bound solutions
Software interface
Tolerance table

Shaft 100 Product Brochure